Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures in Dixie:)

January 7th would probably have to be one of the best days this year so far. It started out pretty great. Just me and my brother hanging out. We then decided to invite a couple friends, Jake and Nate, to come hang out with us. We ended up going to dixie where we took tons of pictures had alot of laughs and made some great memories. We had a few falls and I even had a couple of my Debbie downer moments but by the end of the day we all were full of smiles:)

Looking back on my train of thought that day I have proved to myself that your attitude toward things really does change how your day goes. And sometimes faking it till you make it really does work. I may not have been able to hang out with my three best friends and a guy from school but i still did not let that get me down. I made the best with what I had. And I had a blast:):)

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