Friday, January 6, 2012

Start to a new year, new life

This last year was of coarse a bit rough. I dropped out of high school. Lost my dad to a battle with cancer. And moved hours away from home. Trying to start fresh did not come easy or go well. I made new friends. But I also made new mistakes. I think after realizing all of what happened it was my weakest time. I was easy to hurt. So I was. Pushed around. Talked down to. Bullied. Yet I still had the ones that cared about me enough to stick around.

This last year I think I have proved a lot to myself. Like I don't need a guy to be happy and that even though my dad is no longer around life moves on and he is still watching me.

I have a lot of secrets that I have kept though. And alot of them I am not so proud of.

I never told the man I truly care about how I felt till today. I never told my mother about my last relationship or at least why we are no longer together. I never treated my brother the way I want to. I never did my homework or went to school. I was never really the best example to my friends.

This year I am making it a goal to be happy. But with being happy. I will tell no lies. I will keep no secrets. I will be responsible. I will help out more even if I don't want to. I will get out more and make new friends. I will help my brother. I will get closer to him. I will find ways to be happy and I will stop being so down. To me it sounds like alot of work. But when your told that you can do it, and you prove that you can, NOTHING is impossible. So new year? .... Here I come:) hope your ready for it:)

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