Tuesday, January 17, 2012


They were right when they told me that eventually things will get better. Luckily I think that they are starting to (aside from school and my tickets). I think I have started to realize I just need to be around the people that have a good influence on me and make me happy. I just need to get out. :)

That night with my friends was amazing. Even though we (well most of us) were shaking from being so cold and walking around in the dark, we still had more good times that I had thought would come from that night. It was exactly what I needed:) good friends:) great guy:) calming night:) and as weird as it started it ended perfect:) like I said... If I could I would rewind time and make it last, but I wouldn't change a thing:):)

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  1. you're so right. the people you surround yourself with influence who you are and how you feel! i'm glad you're surrounding yourself with good people!